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Just because we do not act it does not mean we are not choosing something. When we do not consciously choose, to be happy, to see the what we wish to manifest in our lives, which path to take, to face the darkenss....etc etc...we are choosing to keep deep beliefs about ourselves running.

There are reasons for inaction. Very compassionate ones but also very self-effacing ones. We reinforce deep self limiting beliefs within us.

Sure making decisions isn't always easy when we consider others the the ramifications but choosing to not choose is more detrimental. We do not get to not choose though.

There is huge transformative power in making conscious choices.

What is it you are choosing not to choose? What fear are you most afraid of if you had to choose? What version of you just might come through should we be brave enough to choose?

Reach out, I would be more than glad to support developing the power of making conscious choices in the face or danger. 👐

At your service,

Coach Lyndsay.


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