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Strengthening the connection with our Children

As parents in an age where life's demands are higher than ever, the toll it takes on us is seldom noticed. This toll though like all tolls, is a cost and sadly it's our children that pay for it.

I believe that as long as we as parents are harbouring unmet, un-dealt with personal challenges. Be that from emotional, to mental to physical then we are setting the precedence for our children.

Children feel us more than they hear us. So more than any good intentions and advice we give them we need to ensure that we are being that person we wish them to be.

I will support you in uncovering the blindspots and pain points that prevent us showing up fully and authentically for our children and through this we empower and liberate ourselves, thereby becoming the example we wish for our children.

€150/45min Session. (Minimum 8 session package)

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