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A Game Changer and a limited time offer.

Here we go. 😀

The last offer worked amazingly so I extend again the same offer but this time I am hoping to reach parents. More specifically fathers. But mothers too.

I have come to discover that whatever we see and wish for in our kids is directly or indirectly related to us as parents. And when we do just a little work on ourselves we profoundly impact our children's trajectory.

As opposed to find solutions for them let's be their solution. It's the biggest most amazing gift we can give them. A more conscious and present self. The ramifications are beyond words.

I have 3 offers open (to accommodate my work/life balance). If you feel any resistance then this is surely for you. The resistance is the green light to walk towards.

If you know of any parent that could use this offer and my work I ask with a grateful heart to please forward this on to them.

Wishing you love and the best of relationship with yourself,

Coach Lyndsay. :-)

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