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It is my life purpose to bring a healthy masculine for the future. I work with many young boys, men and grown men. Starting from 11 years old. 

In my own life's journey I have discovered how many of us are not sure what a healthy masculine should be and this unknowing leads to extreme confusion in us men.

The end result is a emotionally stunted man and this has huge ramifications for the whole world and himself. Usually expressed in unhealthy ways.

By doing my own healthy masculine work, I am able to better support other who seek to better understand their emotional barriers and how to express them by creating self-awareness, and a better healthier sense of self.

This is powerful and I highly recommend all men to embark on such a journey at least once in their lives. However good or not their life is.

Always at your service. 

€150/45min Session. (Minimum 8 session package)

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