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Fear and Forgiveness.

Fear and Forgiveness.

These 2 allies go hand in hand all throughout our lives.

Whatever we cannot FORGIVE keeps us in a state of FEAR. Agree?

The inability to forgive harbours a deeper need to protect us from a deep rooted pain. We are so pain avoidant we will hurt ourselves to protect ourselves. Crazy I know. I did it for so many years.

The caveat is this: Forgiveness is an art. And like any art it needs practice and unblocking of the pain we harbour deep within.

It is surely not an intellectual process. 🧠

The thing we hold against anyone we hold against ourselves.

The pain we hold we become.

The anger we hold we embody.

And all these forms of sufferance only to protect a deeper fear. Something formed so early in our lives we feel it is a part of us. So much so it seems invisible to worse we can't imagine who we would be without it.

You are so much more than your unseen fears and pain. So goddamn much more.

What or who can't you forgive? (Including yourself)

What is the fear you hold deep within?

What if you never attend to any of these? 🤯

Start here and then reach out. I assure you that you will never regret a journey inwards. However initially scary or unimportant it may seem.

Please like, comment and share even if this doesn't apply to you in this moment. Your support of my mission is deeply appreciated.

With love,

Coach Lyndsay. 🤗

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