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Kylie L

I didn't quite realise how much I needed a life coach until a few sessions in. I understood I was still holding on to a good deal of childhood trauma and a bit of adult trauma too, but the extent to which it was impacting my daily decisions was not yet evident. It was never easy to unpack past and present decisions and interactions and even less easy to take responsibility for them, but once I started to, it became infinitely easier to raise my awareness and stop perpetuating the struggles in my daily life. I am far more conscious now of why I make the choices I make and probably the greatest gift from this work is understanding my triggers when they arise. The work is never done but it no longer feels like work. I appreciate the struggles now for the insights they bring and letting go of them more quickly allows me to attract the experiences and relationships I would rather have in my life. We all need that guide on our side. You can’t ask for a better guide than Lyndsay. (Kylie)

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