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A Better Man.

The Unknown is far more Important than the Known.

How we hurt ourselves through that which we do not know. And more human is the desire to continue using the methods that have not served us with the hope of a new outcome.

This was me. Searching for answers to myself using outdated and pain induced methods. Hoping desperately with each attempt that I would find peace and respite. Never knowing how futile my attempts were.

The repeated failures resulted in social labels, toxic masculine, womaniser, emotionless, heartless, etc etc etc...Only emphasising my own souls confusion, desperation and despair.

How often do we judge those we presume to know better by our standards? It's a common theme I have come across. We seldom ask why the pain instead we judge the sufferance creating more suffering.

This is not to condone projected pain but to bring compassion and understanding that of which heals more than the former approach.

I hold myself to today's standards but I am also aware of how I judge past versions of myself by today's standards which is extremely painful.

Do you judge your past self by today's awareness?

Do you judge others by your standards?

Any judgement is a closing of the heart and a reinforcing of fear.

To the men struggling, I am with you. I share your pain and shame. And I assure you, it's not permanent. There is a better way to deal with the self. And there's no shame in all you have secretly been through.

Here's to creating a healthier masculine,

With love,

Coach Lyndsay. ☯

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