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Neglect and its Effects.

Neglect starts as an infection and if you do not take care of it it becomes a disease.

And one neglect leads to another.

And worst of all when neglect starts it diminishes our self worth and our self confidence and our self value.

I am telling you that you do need to go to endless classes for personal development, all you have to do is start with the smallest discipline that now corresponds to your own philosophy.

Like I could. And I should. And I WILL.💪💯

No longer will I let neglect stack up on me, so that I will have the sorry scenraio 5 years from now. Giving some excuse instead of celebrating my growth.

Thats the key to discipline.🏆

What's keeping you stuck?

Where does neglect show up in your life?

Reach out, I would love to be of service.

Coach Lyndsay.


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