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My Gift to the World.

The WHO and the WHY. :-)

God I love this stuff. :-)

I lived for the better part of my formative years and adolescent developing the skill of serving others. Never realising this was not a choice but more a survival mechanism. I was a shadow of who I am today and surely who I will be tomorrow.

There's so much good in serving others. Self-other love is powerful beyond measure but here's the catch, it can be detrimental when we become reliant on it for motivation.

I am the biggest advocate of healing. A little. A lot. whatever you can muster. But but but... we need more than ever to balance out our extrinsic vs intrinsic motivation. Inbalance of any sort causes dys-regulation. And this for the complex human system of emotions is a cause of suffering.

I have come to realise all I can give this beautiful world is a better, more authentic, version of me. Whatever that looks like I now know the source of this drive comes from love, self-love, facing my perceived ugliness, my shame, my guilt and mostly my power. Oh my power how I have avoided thee for belief that I had no right to thee.

What's your view on healing? Necessary? What's your own journey looking like? Do you notice projection? Do you notice fear of self?

So much to ask and a loving desire to support,

Always at your service,

Coach Lyndsay. :-)

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