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Imagine no Resistance to Self?

Imagine a life without resistance to ourselves?

The biggest resistance we face is the resistance to face ourselves.

To learn the art of 'letting-go' when all we have known is holding on.

Holding on to beliefs of not being good enough, not being acceptable, not being loveable, not being beautiful...

The resistance to self is the biggest obstacle any of us will ever face. And this is projected in the way we face life, relationships, our health, and our ability to love. (not the enchanting romantic type).

Resistance to self is the cause of all our suffering. Not having the awareness and tools to counter the pre-conditioned self-perceptions leads us into perpetual sufferance.

But it surely does not have to be as it is.

I speak from taking the medicine. Sure some days you will feel truly disempowered and disheartened but this is the enearthing and transfomation phase. All work takes energy. Even learning to soar within yourself. But most days become akin to Icarus.

Do not let the resistance to facing yourself be the reason you do not face yourself. Cause then it only compounds. Change starts from within and you have all you need to effect this change.

Come, let me show you how,

With love,

Coach Lyndsay. 🤗

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