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'Here and Now' with Yannick Cousinne.

Welcome back to the 'Here & Now' Videocast

In this first episode of 2023 I am joined by Transformation and Breathwork Facilitator, Yannick Cousinne.

Born and raised in Luxembourg, Yannick is on a path of healing himself and inspiring other young men to do the same. He is a breath of fresh air to the world.

He has, like all if us, his challenges that have lead him onto his path of purpose. He speaks candidly and vulnerably about his 24 year journey to date and I can only hope many young men watch this and get inspired.

I am honoured to know Yannick personally and to know him means to want to do better yourself.

I hope you enjoy our discussion and if you wish to reach out to Yannick please do and you can follow him on Instagram too @yannickcousinne.

Wishing you love and joy all this 2023 and beyond,

With Love,

Coach Lyndsay.


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