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2023 Game Changer. Try it and see.

You Will Never Find Yourself In What You Have Built To Define Yourself.

We so often get triggered by life, people, circumstance etc. In these ever present moments we often protect a deep wound within us. And this shows in how we respond.

We close our hearts. And this looks like: Judgement, sulking, blame, personal attacks, gossiping....

All in an attempt to somehow protect that deep wound within.

We have devised mechanism after mechanism to protect this wound. From social groups with the same intention, to finding any degree of control, to spirituality, to religion, to you name it.

All in an attempt to not reckon with this pain and not to feel it.

Yet each attempt to protect it only exacerbates it. Never learning to feel and shift this deep pain only compounds it.

When we open our hearts as opposed to closing we shift this pain quite significantly. This from my own practice is so much harder than it seems.

I dare you to try it. See how you can keep your heart open against its wishes to close. The soul wants freedom. Protecting and closing goes against our nature.

Let me know how it works for you, and if you need any support to better understand this powerful concept or to work through it, I am only a message away. :-)

Seasons greetings,

Here's to many open hearts this Christmas and all into 2023.

With love,

Coach Lyndsay. 😍

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