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Making New Year Resolutions Stick

It's that time of year yet again.

And with it the familiar "New Year Resolutions" pact. The well intentioned promises of change. We hope to live healthier, physically and mentally and we adopt ideas that we hope will enable us to do so.

Yet barely 2 months into the new year we have abandoned all those hopes and more often even regressed. We spend money, time and mostly energy into this belief that change will happen this time because its the beginning of a new year.

We seldom ask why am I not already living this promise to myself? Why have I not changed already and therefore in no need if huge promises of change?

This stems from the deep underlying belief system that is not change simply by making a well-intentioned promise on the 01-Janaury.

Without finding peace and healing related to this emotional conditioning we will forever find difficulty in making change last. And each we try and do not succeed we reinforce the belief that has us stuck already.

Making lasting change isn't done on the 1st of January just because we want to. It requires going inwards and asking why haven't I already. What's been stopping me and holding me back?

Without such questions and understand we only attempt to metaphorically pull the bull by the horns.

Want lasting change? Go inwards and better understand you and heal the parts that have held you back up to now.

Try it, I assure you nothing will be more lasting and rewarding.

With love this festive season and all the best for 2023.

Coach Lyndsay. 🔥🐝💛

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