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Conscious-Awareness and Change.

  • Published on June 11, 2020

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Status is online Lyndsay Whitby, CPCC Attachment and Mindfulness Coach and Trainer. 2 articles

Conscious Awareness and Change. I decided to write this short article to share some insights and in the same breath I hope it will evoke some awareness.

 In light of the recent events we are passing through as the human race, I am intrigued by what it takes to really bring about “Conscious Awareness” and change form living in reaction mode to consciously choosing. 

 I have been on a journey of self-discovery for many years now. I sometimes wonder when the turning point was that lead me down this path. Was it predestined? Was it in childhood? Was there a particular moment in my life where such a search became an obsession? Was there a traumatic experience now buried deep in my psyche that coerced me down this path? I cannot quite put a finger on it. What I do know is it has been the most rewarding personal journey I could have ever undertaken. Albeit by no means an easy journey and even in this very moment the work is in progress.

   What is reassuring on this evoking journey is that once we open up to “conscious awareness” we are no longer blindfolded. We see ourselves for who we really are (This is not easy). We see ourselves with the filters removed. We then instinctively search for a better understanding and version of ourselves. And even in moments of regression into old ways we are aware of the power of self-compassion and choice.  All this being said, one thing surely happens, and that is the world around you changes for the better.   I don’t want to make another case of “I know because it happened to me…” especially around the ever so sensitive racism topic. What I do wish to highlight is that in the moments in my life where I responded to hurt, pain, anger, shame…. with those same emotions I only met with the exact same emotions. And it simply showed me that to bring about any change (starting with myself) I had to think greater than I felt.   I am now aware that “low vibration” emotions as stated above can only be raised by “higher vibration” emotions. Reason, Love, Joy, Peace, Enlightenment. And it starts with….

 Conscious Awareness.

 I now understand that conscious awareness and all that it encompasses (personal growth, self-awareness, self-love, self-compassion, self-healing, conscious choice…) can only happen when we choose it to be so. And it is subjective. But what exactly does it take to begin to choose?

 Does any of this resonate with you? What do you need to raise your own level conscious-awareness? What do we all need to raise the level of Conscious- Awareness for all mankind?

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